Valdres Ost™ - Cheese from Valdres, Norway

Valdres ost™ is a handcrafted, pasteurized cheese, made of cow milk from the valley of Valdres, located in the middle of Norway.

The cheese is a kind of Gouda, and is a semi-hard cheese with a 48 % milk fat content and a mild to piquant taste. Ageing intensifies the flavor and hardness. The cheese  wheels are stored at wooden shelves for at least 3 months, and up to 12 months or more. You can slice it with a cheese slicer, cut it in cubes or tear it up to sprinkle on Food.

During the summer we only use milk from the summer pastures in the mountains. The cheese gets an extra yellow color and a richer taste when it is made of this milk because of rich pastures.